11 Jan

Sharpen the Saw: Volume 10

In the spirit of keeping my tools sharp and working to develop my mind, body & skills here’s some things that I worked on this week:

Articles I Read This Week
Here’s a link to some of the articles that I read this week.

Spanish Words or Phrases
• Mucho gusto Encantado / Pleased to meet you
• ¿Querrías bailar conmigo? / Would you like to dance with me?
• ¿Dónde está el baño? / Where is the bathroom?
• ¿Puede ayudarme? / Can you help?
• Tengo frio / I am cold
• ¿Cómo te sientes / How are you feeling?
• Me siento fuerte psicológicamente. / I feel psychologically strong.
• Queda lejos? / Is it far?
Translating ‘Feel’ to Spanish
Using ‘Tener’

Music I Wrote

Check out the latest word that I learned more about.

10 Jan

#Inspire vol. 10

Here are two quotes that inspired me this week:

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” — George Eliot

“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Interestingly, ‘George Eliot’ was the pen name of English novelist Mary Anne Evans.

07 Jan




adjective: Having keen judgment or wisdom.

From Latin sagire (to perceive keenly). Ultimately from the Indo-European root sag- (to seek out), which is also the source of seek, ransack, ramshackle, forsake, and hegemony. Earliest documented use: 1607.

“Even Warren Buffett is looking less than sagacious after his holding company posted its worst year ever.”
The Long and the Short; The Economist (London, UK); Mar 12, 2009.

05 Jan


With perseverance and an effective strategy you can accomplish things that at first seem impossible…