52 Things to Do – vol. 1

So I had this idea to keep a running list of things that I want to do. I figured I’d start with things in NYC and expand from there.

NYC Things I’ve Never Done
In no particular order:
1.) See a horse race at Belmont and/or Aqueduct
2.) Visit the main NYC Public Library in midtown. The Schwarzman Building.
3.) Visit the Cloisters
4.) Check out Spa Castle
5.) The Whitney Museum
6.) The Brooklyn Museum
7.) Hamilton Grange
8.) Dead Horse Bay
9.) The Russian & Turkish Baths
10.) Moma PS1
11.) Take the tour of the Brooklyn Brewery
12.) Roller Derby!
13.) Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge 5/12/15 ✓
14.) Some type of Ghost Walking Tour. I did this in Charleston, SC and it was a lot of fun.
15.) Brunch at Gallow Green at the McKittrick Hotel
16.) Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn
17.) See the Brooklyn Cyclones play.
18.) I’ve never been to a hockey game before. Hockey’s the one with the ice and the sticks, right?
19.) I think technically I’ve been to Prospect Park, but I’ve never fully explored it or hung out there.
20.) The Museum of Sex
21.) Stand Up Paddle Boarding looks like fun. So does kayaking.
22.) Rockaway Beach. It was good enough for the Ramones.
23.) One of these days I want to check out Shakespeare in the Park. But alas, waiting in line for those tickets.
24.) The Christmas show at Radio City? Seems like one of those things a person should do once so that you can say you’ve done it.
25.) Sleepy Hollow, NY
26.) Storm King
27.) City Island
28.) The Mahayana Buddhist Temple
29.) The Nicholas Roerich Museum
30.) Historic Richmond Town on Staten Island
31.) Afternoon tea at the Plaza Hotel
32.) Knish’s from Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery
And these are things I’ve done that I would happily do again:
– The Bronx Zoo
– The New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.
– The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
– The Central Park Zoo
Coney Island
– The New York Aquarium
– The Highline & Chelsea Market
– The Guggenheim
– The MOMA
Monday Night Magic
Governors Island
– Harold Night at UCB Theatre
Fire Island