18 Jan

Sharpen the Saw: Volume 11

In the spirit of keeping my tools sharp and working to develop my mind, body & skills here’s some things that I worked on this week:

Articles I Read This Week
Here’s a link to some of the articles that I read this week.

Spanish Words or Phrases
• Me gusta / I like it.
• De dónde es usted? / Where are you from?
• ¡Qué lástima! / What a shame!
• Tengo tres gatos. I have three cats.
• Te amo / Te quiero / I love you.
• Manzana / apple

Music I Wrote

Check out the latest word that I learned more about.

I also started a new series of posts called ’52 Recipes’ that documents the meals that I’m cooking for myself. You’ll find that here.