04 Jan

Sharpen the Saw: Volume 9

In the spirit of keeping my tools sharp and working to develop my mind, body & skills here’s some things that I worked on this week:

Articles I Read This Week
Here’s a link to some of the articles that I read this week.

Spanish Words or Phrases
• ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! / Happy New Year!
• Estoy aprendiendo a hablar español. / I am learning to speak Spanish.
• ¡Cuánto tiempo! ¡Tanto tiempo sin verte! / Long time no see!
• ¿De dónde eres? / Where are you from?
• Conjugating estar
• Conjugating hablar

Check out the latest word that I learned more about.

Also, on a bit of a tech side note, I recently purchased a Kindle and am loving it. Here’s a sweet ‘Send to Kindle‘ extension that allows you to send articles to your Kindle or Kindle app (on an iPad, iPhone, etc.).