Sharpening the Saw


Before I can have the things that I want, I must do the things that are necessary to achieve those things. In order to do the things that are necessary I must be the type of person who does these ‘necessary things’. To that end, it’s critical for me to spend time every week ‘Sharpening the Saw’. (A phrase that I borrowed from Chapter 7 of Steven Covey’s book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People‘.)

This ‘sharpening’ process does not have to be about large, grandiose steps. Indeed, it probably should not be about large grandiose steps, but instead be focused on small habits that are built steadily over time.

My goal is to spend time each week developing the parts of myself that I will need to be the successful person that I want to be. My weekly ‘Sharpen the Saw posts‘ are a free form collection space for gathering and tracking all of the bits and pieces of things that I do with my week that aren’t finished ‘Projects’ but that are important nonetheless.

My plan is to track the following:

Music that I’ve Written – Over the course of the week I end up writing bits and pieces of music in addition to my daily ‘7 (Musical) Boxes‘. These aren’t finished songs, but my hope is that one day they might be the seeds of finished songs. I’ve started saving these on my 52 Things Soundcloud stream and embedding them in my weekly posts.

Articles that I’ve Read – Each week I keep track of articles that I’ve found to be interesting or useful. Ideas and concepts that I might like explore here at ’52 Things’.

Depending on the week, I also might track tutorials that I’ve worked through or songs that I’m checking out. This really is a free form space and I’m still discovering what I want it to be.